Launching Spyder on Windows

If you install Spyder using any of the standalone installers after installing Python, you’ll have trouble launching the Spyder IDE. If you go to python_dir/Scripts, you’ll see the following:


but clicking on spyder.dat will launch a command prompt for a split second and then disappear. This seems to be a common issues as asked here and here (and other places).

What I did was taking a quick screenshot of the screen that appears for a sec. This is what it actually says:


It was pretty easy to fix the issue once I knew what the problem was. It was a matter of opening up a command prompt and typing:

pip install -U PySide

Once that was done, I created a new shortcut on the desktop and pointed it to spyder.bat (right click on Desktop –> New –> Shortcut, then browse browse to bat file) . Now Spyder should launch without any issues 🙂


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