2 Responses to PPO vs HDP healthcare plans

  1. Ngoc Pham says:

    Could we have have dual medical plans? My employer’s PPO family plan as my primary carrier and my wife’s employer HDP plan as a secondary carrier.

  2. Company HR will usually be the best resource to answer this question, but there shouldn’t be any issues having dual plans. Unless there’s a specific need, I would think it’ll be somewhat a waste though, since most likely you will never use the secondary plan, although you’re paying for it. On a personal note, I have been on my employer’s plan while my wife and daughter were on my wife’s plan simply because their plan was a bit better. There is a working spouse surcharge however, so it made some sense for me to have my own, although that arrangement means in a really bad year, we will need to meet the individual out-of-pocket maximums independently.

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