My University Projects

I realized recently that one of my old homepages is still around on the internet. This was my second attempt to create a homepage for myself and this was done back in 2004 when I was trying to learn DreamWeaver. I think I still updated a few pages till around 2006 or so, but most of it is nicely ‘preserved’ as it was back when I created it. Anyway, one of the pages there was a collection of my University projects during undergrad. Not sure how long GeoCities will be around for, so thought I’ll migrate that page over to here with it’s original content.

I’m sure most of you (especially my uni friends) are going to be quite surprised..but I did manage to find some soft copies of some of the uni projects we’ve had, including a few from 1st and 2nd year!! I find reading some of the old reports kind of funny now mainly ‘cos of the weird formatting I’ve got. Think the 3rd and 4th year ones look a lot better.

I’m just putting the final reports up since they pretty much explain everything about the assignment or the project. I’ve got the source code too for most of them, so just mail me or something if you need any of it.

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Work Reports

Terms of Use

This site is maintained for educational purposes only. The material presented here is not solely written by the author of the website and contains documents written by a group of students during the course of the assignment or project. These names have been appropriately referenced in the reports, and your viewing of materials posted on this site does not imply any right to reproduce, retransmit, or redisplay any of it. No text, image, or other materials on the web page may be copied, distributed, retransmitted, redisplayed, or modified without the express written consent of the author. The author makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of any of the material located in the given material, whether accessed via link, frame, or by staff or student web searching. To request permission to reproduce, modify or redisplay any information extracted from this site, send e-mail, including your name, address and a description of the purpose of your intended distribution and the information you would like to distribute. However you may print and use the above material for any noncommercial, personal, or educational purposes only, provided that you do not modify any information, and include appropriate references along with those originally included with such information. Other Internet WWW sites may freely provide hypertext or “hotlinks” to this Site if necessary.

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