Submitted my PhD thesis!

So I finally submitted my PhD thesis today! Been a long journey to get to the point of thesis submission and I certainly feel pretty relieved..why wouldn’t I be! Was in the UK for the HC conference in April and wifey and I did an 11-day Euro trip just before that (see photos) – wanted to do some work during the trip, or at least during the HC conference, but never got around to it. Got all the documents to head off to the US for the internship on the 15th May, so had only two weeks to put together the individual chapters I had written, do TOC etc and also proof read what I have written. Had planned to get the thesis printed on Tuesday the 11th, and get it to the bindery by Tuesday evening latest, but ran into some issues while printing (doesn’t that always happen when you are in a hurry!). Managed to get things fixed and get the two copied printed, but it was 6pm by the time I finished. So  I went to the bindery first thing in the morning on Wednesday the 12th and asked them to have the bound thesis ready by 1pm so that I could go to the Graduate Centre and make the 2pm meeting. The people at the bindery said ideally they needed more time to allow for the glue to dry, but they were pretty nice and said they would have it ready by 1pm by manually drying it if needed. Rang the Graduate Centre and they said there was no hurry and that I could come at even 4pm. I let the people at the bindery know, and finally went and picked the bound copies up at around 3.30pm and went and handed over the copies at around 4pm 🙂 The copies looked pretty nice when they were all bound and stuff..and pheww didn’t I feel like a great weight was off my chest when I finally handed them in! Now I have only the defense to worry about! 🙂

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